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World Blood Donation Day 2017

By June 10, 2017Health Tips

Blood is the most precious thing in this world a human being can have and Blood donation is a service to Mankind.

By donating Blood you can help a needy and save a precious life.

Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it can definitely save a life.

Blood is scarce. There is a shortage of active blood donors to meet the need of increased blood demand.

person a chance at life. And may be one day that another person could be your close friend, a relative, a loved one—or even you.

To give blood you need neither extra strength nor extra food, and still you can save a life.

Tears of a mother cannot save her child but your Blood can.

If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone.

A single blood donation can save up to three lives.

So please donate Blood.


World Blood Donation Day is celebrated by people every year in many countries around the world on 14th of June. In the honor of Karl Landsteiner – the scientist who won Noble Prize for his discovery of the ABO blood group system the World Blood Donation Day is celebrated every year on 14th of June.

World Blood Donation Day is aimed to fulfill the need of blood transfusion and transfusion of blood constituents to the needed person anywhere in the world. The campaign saves more than millions of lives every year and gives a natural smile on the face of the blood receiver. Blood transfusion helps patients who are suffering from different life-threatening health problems and stimulates them to live longer and to lead a quality life. It solves a lot of complex medical and surgical procedures all over the world.

This first event celebrated was in year 2004. It was aimed to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation including its constituents. The Blood donors play important role at this day as they donate life-saving gifts of blood to the needed person. World Blood Donation Day celebration brings a valuable opportunity to all the donors to celebrate it on national and global level .

Obligo MediVoyage insists you to Donate Blood regularly.

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