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Womb Transplant: A Success for a team of 12 Doctors in Pune

By May 19, 2017Health Tips

A team of 12 doctors headed by Dr Shailesh Puntambekar of Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute, Pune successfully conducted India’s first womb transplant on Thursday on a 21 year old woman. It took 9 hours to transfer her mother’s womb into her body. “The women was suffering from congenital absence of uterus since birth and was not willing to adopt or go for surrogacy. Since she knew about the uterus transplant, she approached us and accepted the surgery option,” said Dr Shailesh Puntambekar.

The patient was operated to fit her mother’s womb as she was a medically suitable donor inside her body so that she can conceive normally.

Dr. Puntambekar said that “Surgery has been successful. Both recipient and donor are stable. The coming two days are important to determine the outcome of the surgery ” he also added that “for about 80% of the retrieval of uterus was done with the use of laparoscopic techniques, only when we had to take out the womb from donor’s body, we adopted for open surgery method and because major part of surgery was done through minimally invasive key hole, blood transfusion for donor was not even required. ”

After this transplant being done by Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute, they been granted a license by the State’s Directorate of Health Services to carry out the uterus transplant. Apart from GCLI, Bangalore-based Milann International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health has also been granted an approval from Indian Council of Medical Research for womb transplantation on two women, but dates have not been announced yet.

Sweden was the first country where the doctors performed the first ever successful womb transplant of world in 2013. Another twenty-five such surgeries have been performed around the world so far by teams of doctor.

Image Courtesy :Newsbytesapp.com

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