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By June 2, 2017Health Tips

Brain– the vital and one of the largest organs of your body that controls whatever you do  and how you do. It is the most delicate organ that your body has.

We all knowingly or unknowingly may be damaging our brain in our day to day work. Many things we do, not only harm us physically but also affect our mental capabilities.

Habits that are harming our brain:-

  1. Eating too much sugar for a prolonged period of time affects our body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and proteins. This can cause malnutrition and because now the body does not have enough nutrients in blood, thus, it does not provide sufficient nutrients to brain. As sugar is present in almost every cloud that we eat these days at so it is important to watch what you eat.

  2. Pollution is the second top reason for damaging your own brain capabilities, oxygen is vital for our brain to function properly, continuous inhaling of polluted air supplies less oxygen to our brain and body which declines brain efficiency.

  3. Overeating does not only contribute to obesity or bloated stomach, it hardens the brain arteries, thus hinders the passage and harms mental capabilities.

  4. Not doing mental exercise. Brain is like a muscle therefore, stretching and exercise help in strengthening the brain. Participation in intellectual conversation helps brain to exercise which improves its efficiency.

  5. Do you feel sleep deprived? If yes then you are harming your brain. The one who sleeps less than six hours everyday must get cautious now because long term sleep deprivation can lead to death of brain cells. This leads to problems like – unawareness, breathing problem and vision related problems.

  6. If you don’t bother yourself to think at all then you are killing your brain’s efficiency. Thinking is a form of exercise. Keep involving your brain in activities like words search, puzzles, solving questions of IQ, science and basic mathematics time to time.

  7. Breakfast is important. The first meal of the day has great importance but many of us skip it due to early morning hassles. Skipping breakfast lead to low blood sugar level which in turn leads to deficiency of nutrients in brain. If you have a habit of skipping breakfast regularly then it may degenerate your brain, as brain will lack nutrients needed for proper functioning.

  8. Smoking shrinks your brain’s nerves. It also contributes to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

  9. If you sleep with your head covered, then you are blocking the way of oxygen towards brain. Covering your face may lead you to inhale more carbon dioxide than fresh oxygen.

    *Media Courtesy by discovery.osu.edu

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