Pre-Arrival Services

  1. Scheduling of medical appointments

  2. Cost estimates for anticipated treatments

  3. Medical Visa assistance

  4. Booking of hotels/services apartments

  5. Flight arrangements & extension

  6. Remote consultation/ conference calls with doctors

It is very important that all the formalities are handled with precaution before the patient arrives in India for the medical treatment.
We give an end to end assistance to patient, from visa application to arrival in India, coordinating Hospitals, accommodation and transport. To save time and the hardship of the patient, all the planning of the patient’s arrival is done beforehand.

We cater the patient with the following services:-

  • Send patient’s clinical reports to various hospital and doctors to seek the evolution of Doctors.
  • Share the information with the patient regarding the hospital best suited with budget in decision making.
  • Process of Paper work for medical visa & treatment as the laws of both countries.
  • We cater the airlift services as well in case of emergencies.
  • Accommodation is preferably given to patient nearest to the Hospital to reduce the commute time
  • Patients can decide their choice of time for the treatment and prepare the itinerary as per their choice.

It is an important aspect of the overall experience of treatment in India. The stay in India should be excellent. We arrange variety of options for accommodation.
We have the best accommodation system which is a necessary part of the medical tour. It shall preferably be nearest to the hospital. At Obligo MediVoyage we provide you with not just a good quality accommodation support but also reasonable price which is an absolute advantage.
Local transport facilities are also well arranged for patient’s however, Taxies are generally easily available within the city.