Post Return Services

  1. Follow up for recovery

  2. Coordination between treating doctor in destination country and patient at home country


At Obligo MediVoyage, we have a follow-up procedure which your doctor recommends after your treatment. We continuously monitor your post-operative care in order to ensure an optimal recovery and the best possible outcome to your surgery or treatment. So just because your procedure is over, it does not mean that you are ready to pack your bags and head back home. We at Obligo MediVoyage believe in post-treatment care and this aftercare process occurs in several different phases.
It will also differ significantly from patient to patient depending on the nature of the treatment and the patient´s condition and needs. In patients where surgery is involved, phase one of the aftercare process begins, the moment you leave the treatment center. If you are staying at an area hotel then you may need to return to the medical facility for rehabilitation therapy, removal of stitches or general monitoring process. In surgery the second phase begins once you return home.