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Hyperglycemia and its symptoms

By June 9, 2017Health Tips

Signs that you are at risk of having high blood sugar levels…..

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In this technically advanced era, the word “Lifestyle” is associated with many terms and one such term is disorder. Even at the young age , people are experiencing a spike in their blood sugar level which is scientifically known as Hyperglycemia and because of this our country is being now called as the “Diabetes capital of the world”.

When the glucose level in your blood rises above the optimum level, it gives a way to high blood sugar level. The reason for this is a drop in body’s insulin levels & so your body doesn’t have enough insulin to process the glucose. A list of symptoms that show increased blood sugar level are mentioned below:-


  1. Urinating many times a day more than the normal, even at nights can be a sign of high blood sugar level.
  2. High sugar level puts more pressure on kidneys and it makes you to excrete more and hence to drink more.
  3. Having a tiring sense all the time. High blood sugar level affects muscles and this makes you to feel fatigue.
  4. You feel dehydrated all the time because you urinate a lot.
  5. A drop in concentration level is often seen in case of high blood sugar level whenever one feels low and fatigue.
  6. High blood sugar level affects your vision, causing your lens to swell.
  7. Your body is not able to convert food into energy, hence you feel hungry all the time because your cells are starving for glucose.
  8. You take more time to heal up in case of increasing blood sugar level because this affects your circulatory system, your arteries & nerves adversely.
  9. You may develop problems related to digestion.
  10. If you suddenly lose a lot of weight for no understandable reason, it could be an indication that your blood sugar levels are rising.

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