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Food Scanners

By September 18, 2017Health Tips

What is a food scanner?

It is a hand-held device that is used to detect what is in a food item. Not only does the device warns about chemicals, allergens and ingredients that people rather avoid, it’ll also help to figure out food sensitivities and track the vitamin intake. The goal, the company says, is to help people make clean food choices by letting them “check their food as easily as they check their mail.”

How does it works?

The device utilizes a small Raman spectrometer, a unique cloud-based algorithm and a simple smartphone app. Scanning a food item on the plate or in a shopping aisle is as simple as aiming TellSpec at it and pushing a button. It beams a low-powered laser at the item and analyzes the reflected light waves to identify the chemical makeup of the food.
This data is uploaded to the analysis engine which processes the information, compares it to reference spectra, interprets the results with the help of a database, and downloads the results to the user’s smartphone.The device can successfully identify foods and their ingredients approximately 97.7 percent of the time after scanning the food’s surface.
“Depending on how transparent the surface of the food is, the more accurate the scan will be,”

Uses of food scanner:

Some of the uses of food scanner are:-

  1. It will warns the  when a food contains allergens such as gluten or egg.
  2. It is a handheld food scanner that connects to the smartphone to inform the person about allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and the ingredients present in any food item.
  3. It helps to track daily calories and helps to achieve daily targets.
  4. The device tells us about inaccurately reported ingredients like trans fats and gives the background story on ingredients like tartrazine.
  5. It tracks we eat and will help identify food sensitivities based on our reports of how we feel.
  6. The device will help monitor the intake of toxic chemicals such as mercury, so that the person stays within recommended limits.
  7. It also shows you the amount of calories per a certain number of grams.

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