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Eye Donation Fortnight

By September 5, 2017Health Tips

Eye Donation is the act of donating one’s eyes after a person’s death.It is the act of charity,purely for the benefit of the society. Age or systemic illness such as diabetes or hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease are not barriers for eye donations.

Facts about eye donation
1. Eyes must be removed within 4-6 hours of death and the nearest eye bank should be informed immediately.
2. Eyes should be removed by a trained doctor.
3. Eyes can be removed at the home of the deceased or the hospital.
4. It takes only 10-15 minutes , is simple and does not lead to any disfigurement.
5. One pair of eyes gives vision to two persons.
6. Eye donors can belong to any age group or sex.
7. Only corneal blinds are benefited from eye donation.
8. Corneal blindness is the loss of sight due to damage in the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea.

Reasons as to why people don’t donate their eyes

  1. Insufficient facilities in the hospitals.
  2. Absence of motivation even among trained personnels.
  3. Social and religious myths.

Significance of Eye Donation

Donated eyes can be used to give vision to people who are suffering from corneal blindness. Cornea is used for the vision while the other part of the eye can be used for research and training purposes to develop cures for the treatment of some of the common eye diseases. Eye donation is a very kind act and it should be promoted on a large scale. One pair of eye will sight to two persons. The corneas of a person are unaffected even if they have undergone any eye surgeries in the past and hence will be useful can be transplanted in others.So if God has given us the gift of vision, then why not to give it to someone who doesn’t have it.

What is Eye Donation Fortnight?

There are wide number of social awareness programs and activities across the country to impart the significance of eye donation and its usefulness to the visually impaired persons. Eye Donation Fortnight is also one of them.

The national eye donation fortnight is celebrated every year from 25th august to 8th September. It is a campaign which aims at creating awareness among the people about the importance of eye donation and to motivate people to donate their eyes after death. The campaign was initiated by Dr.Rama Rajagopal. The National Fortnight on Eye Donation is celebrated under the National Program for Control of Blindness.

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