Obligo does not control or operate any medical facility offered by the medical center, hospital or treating institution it is affiliated with in the medical tourism destination. Any instance of delay, default, improper service or failure in service in these medical centers, hospitals and treating institutions does not hold Obligo accountable or liable for the same. Obligo is also not responsible for any accident, deficiency, sickness, injury, damage, discomfort or any other loss that arises out of faulty service or negligence of the management or medical staff of these institutions.
The institution providing treatment for the medical tourist will be completely responsible for all the treatments, opinions, advice and follow ups it offers, with Obligo not being held responsible for the same as well.
Obligo will also hold no responsibility for any complications, emergencies or medical requirements that may arise during or after treatment as a result of the patient’s present or past illnesses, allergies to certain drugs and side effects. It is the responsibility of the treating medical institution to handle these issues.Any complaints regarding the treatment/service etc. also needs to be made directly to the treating doctor/institution. Obligo will not be responsible for this.
Obligo will not be accountable for any information that the patient or his/her relative chooses to withhold with regard to past medical history during or after treatment. Obligo will also not take accountability for the instances wherein the treating medical institution chooses to not solicit this information from the patient beforehand.
In cases where the treating doctor or institution is not competent enough to handle a complication or emergency that arises during or after treatment, the treating institution holds the sole responsibility of seeking advice, calling or referring the patient to another doctor or institution. Obligo will not take responsibility for it.
The treating institution will be responsible for appraising the patient or his/her relatives regarding the treatment costs. The institution will also be responsible for getting the patient’s consent for the treatment and payment (either directly or via a medical insurance company) in writing. Obligo will not be responsible for this process.
Any change in date of scheduled treatments as well as the nature of the treatment or the treating doctor/surgeon/physician is a responsibility undertaken by the treating institution. Obligo will have no accountability in this matter.
The patient or his/her relatives/escorts are solely responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the treatments and procedures as described in the registration forms/brochures provided by the treating institution before giving their consent. The patient will also be responsible for clarifying all doubts he/she may have before making the booking.
Obligo will not be responsible for the signing of the registration forms which clearly indicates that the patient or his/her relatives/escorts have fully read and understood the terms and conditions provided by the treating doctors/institutions, and have consented to abide by the same.