Cosmetic Surgery

There are a large number of procedures that fall under the category of Cosmetic Surgery. People who aren’t self sure of a certain body part are the ones who opt for this kind of surgery. It is necessary to collect as much information as possible of the procedure before one decides upon the surgery. Also, even when using Medical Tourism for one of the procedures, ensure that you are going to a reputed hospital. Take a look at everything, weigh the pros and cons, and then decide. Obligo offers various packages under the Medical Tourism Cosmetic Surgery category. Here are a few surgical procedures that fall underneath Cosmetic Surgery


Mammoplasty is breast enhancing surgery meant for women with smaller breasts. Only a well qualified surgeon of the said category is allowed to operate upon your breasts and no one else.  

Lifting of Breasts

This is meant for saggy breasts. Hence, if you find your breasts hanging a lot, then this is the way to go. Once again, the procedure is only carried through by a qualified surgeon.

Reduction of Breasts

Sometimes heavy breasts cause health problems and hence, require a reduction. Obligo offers qualified breast surgeons for the job who will do an excellent mammaplasty on you at a reasonable price.

Improvisation of Buttocks

This surgery is done in order to increase the size of the buttocks. Some people are unhappy with small buttocks and hence, go for it. Obligo will help you in every step of the way to achieve the buttocks that you desire.

Lifting of Buttocks

Saggy buttocks are a problem equivalent to saggy breasts and may often be the reason for bowel problems. Thus, apart from solving the problem of looking untoward, a buttock lift will also solve health problems. Quite a few aesthetic surgeons specialise in this region and Obligo offers you the best of the best from across the world.

Chemical Peeling

This may require more than one sitting. It is refinishing and refreshing your skin through the usage of appropriate chemicals. It is an extremely delicate procedure and hence, it is necessary that it be done by qualified personnel only.

Chin Tightening

This is for those who have a double chin. You can opt for a mentoplasty and get this problem solved. It is easily available at a reasonable price in quite a few countries.

There are a large number of other surgical procedures that gall under cosmetology. There are various ways and methodologies for doing the same thing. Obligo has got you covered, no matter what procedure you opt for.