Cardiac Surgery

Obligo ensures that you are being treated by a well qualified, trained and experienced professional. We also ensure that the surgeon is an expert in his or her field.

We provide the patients with complete details of the surgeon along with experience and educational qualifications. You can use our website to shortlist a few options before finalising upon one. Luckily, you will be contacted directly by the requisite professional for treatment rather than you having to run from one place to another. All the services listed with us are –

  1. Recognised
  2. Registered
  3. Licensed

We look forward to extending our services to as many needy people as possible and we strive very hard to achieve our goals. Our services are inclusive with complete packages of insurance, medical bills, travel, accommodation etc. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

We’ll ensure that you have met with the right doctor. We will also crosscheck everything before going ahead with the treatment so that you don’t have to unnecessarily suffer at the end of it all. In order to conduct a Cardiac Surgery, it is absolutely necessary that the surgeon specialises in it. Thus, every little thing is our responsibility when you choose a package from Obligo.

Heart Transplant

In the cases where CABG also does not work, the patient is fitted with a heart either from a Brain dead patient or a dead patient.

Heart Valve Surgery

In cases where there is anomaly in the shape or size of the heart valve which is mostly congenital. The anomaly is being rectified so as the function of the heart becomes smooth.

Pacemaker Implant

It’s a programmed device with a battery and is implanted in the chest with many wires connected to various portion of the Heart.Its main function is to control the rhythm of the heart beat.