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5,070 gallstones- Just 30 min surgery- 2 hours to count

By March 4, 2017Latest News

It took just 30 minutes for the surgery, but nearly two hours to count the thousands of gallbladder stones.

A hospital in Rajasthan removed 5,070 gallstones from a 45-year-old man. Mohammad Shabbir, a grocery shop owner from Ratlai, had been suffering from stomach pains for the past three years. In mid-February, he decided to approach Doctor.

“Usually, between two and 100 gallstones are removed during a surgery. But 5,070 gallstones is certainly uncommon,” said doctor. “The world record for the maximum number of gallstones recovered during a surgery belongs to Doctor from West Bengal. He had recovered 11,950 gallstones.”

Shabbir, who is recovering well, said: “I didn’t drink enough water, which the doctor says might be a reason for the disease.”

Doctor, also admitted that the recovery of 5,070 gallstones is rare. “We generally recover about 50 to 100 stones during a surgery. But this is unusual.”

Talking about the weight of the gallstones, Doctors said that the weight doesn’t matter as the stones are made of cholesterol and can float on water. 

Gallstones are generally formed if the bile contains too much cholesterol, too much bilirubin, or not enough bile salts. It is also caused by consumption of a high-fat diet, heredity, obesity, diabetes, hormonal changes, weight loss and dieting.

Talking about prevention of gallstones formation, Doctors advised avoiding high fat food and excessive dieting. “Severe gallstone disease may even lead to gallbladder cancer in 1 out of 1000 patients.


Source:  http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/5-070-gallstones-removed-from-kota-man-30-minutes-for-surgery-2-hours-to-count/story

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