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Obligo Enterprises has been conceptualized by a family with Medical background of over 45 Years
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While the treatment & wellness opportunities are in plenty at your home country,

there is every chance that the COST and QUALITY are more favorable elsewhere…

Turn your healing into a memorable voyage by visiting a Tourist Destination and Globally acclaimed Treatment facility.

Explore Obligo MediVoyage..

Treatments Facilities

India : A leading Medical tourism Destination

Apart from the Cultural and Heritage riches of India, the Knowledge / Skill and Infra in the field of Health Care has reached its height over the years. Now we have JCI and NABH certified Hospitals in plenty which matches the Global healthcare standards and to cater the need of overseas patient at the most affordable expenses. When compared to the global cost India offers 50 % to 80% less the cost incurred compared to the rest of the world with international quality. Further to add, India offers one of the world’s most contemporary and ancient rejuvenation methods of Ayurvedic / Massage Therapy and Yoga, which makes recovery fast and efficient. With all the above mentioned benefits which is further complimented by near Zero Waiting Time.. Read More

Our Services

Pre-Arrival Services

It is very important that all the formalities are handled with precaution before the patient arrives in India for the medical treatment.
We give an end to end assistance to patient, from visa application to arrival in India, coordinating Hospitals, accommodation and transport. To save time and the hardship of the patient, all the planning of the patient’s arrival is done beforehand.

Upon-Arrival Services

Upon-Arrival we at Obligo MediVoyage ensure that everything falls as per initial plannings. It starts with pick up and drops facility from the airport. The arrival services include a list of services which mainly ensures to help the patient to have a peaceful stay at the hospital.

Post Return Services

At Obligo MediVoyage, we have a follow-up procedure which your doctor recommends after your treatment. We continuously monitor your post-operative care in order to ensure an optimal recovery and the best possible outcome to your surgery or treatment. So just because your procedure is over, it does not mean that you are ready to pack your bags and head back home.

I want to appreciate the entire team of Obligo MediVoyage for doing an outstanding job in arranging my visit to India for Lasik surgery. They took just a few days to arrange my visas and all the other travel related formalities and we were in India. My eyesight has improved considerably after the surgery and I am happy that I got rid of the glasses. It was much less costlier than in my country. Thank you.

Mr. L. Princeton, UKLasik Surgery (Ophthalmology)

Obligo has cared for us, took us to the hospital, arranged for our tour in town and the patient coordinator was always around us, for which we are very happy. The hospital where I got the treatment was very good, with nice doctors (staffs) who cared for us. I am happy the way I was treated and now I am almost well. I also received a ‘Get well soon’ remembrance token to take back home. Soon I shall be returning to Kenya with my daughter. I am so happy, I wish them luck. Thank you Obligo MediVoyage.

Mr. N J M Kamande, KenyaProstrate Gland treatment (Urology)

They (Obligo MV) were great in arranging the overall trip for me. I was immensely impressed with their level of professionalism and efficiency of services. The best part, now I feel so refreshed with the Yoga cum Ayurvedic session I received in the resort like center at Kerala for my diabetes and Cholesterol problems. I will recommend Obligo to everyone.

Mr. T Smith, SwitzerlandDiabetes control (Ayurvedic treatment)

We were childless for so many years, but now we are blessed with a cute baby girl. Thanks to you (Obligo) for the IVF treatment facility without any hassles. Any apprehensions I had about traveling abroad for this treatment vanished with the level of care, guidance and advice I received from you. May no happy couple ever remain childless. Keep doing the good work of helping people like us. The gift they gave while we were leaving is wonderful.

Mrs. Dalila, NigeriaIVF Treatment

Their team was with me right from the first contact up to the actual surgery and the follow up visits, during my trip to India for knee replacement. The doctor was so qualified and nice I immediately felt relieved as I knew I was in right hands. My entire trip was wonderful beyond words and I have told everyone of the exemplary services offered by Obligo.

Mr. M. Hussain, UKKnee Replacement (Orthopedic)

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